'What People Say

'I cannot recommend Adele Goodwin highly enough........Whilst Gina is with Adele, I have absolute faith that, not only will she have a great time, but that the care that she will receive will be second to none.......I genuinely feel that the experiences and care that Gina has gained through being looked after by Adele have enriched her life far more than if I had been looking after her myself full time......I believe that what sets her apart from other childminders is that she genuinely cares about the children that she looks after, and treats them as she would want her own children to be treated'

'I have always found Adele to act with the utmost professionalism. Worthy of note are her attention to safety, cleanliness, nutritional food, healthcare, security and education. My two children have been extremely happy being cared for by Adele and I have taken comfort from knowing that they have been cared for in an environment that has promoted solid values'.

The above are extracts from references but I am passionate about providing a first class service so I also conduct regular feedback surveys in order to maintain a continuous improvement regime.

Below are a few extracts from such feedback surveys:

Do you feel that my service is satisfying your initial requirements?

'Yes definitely'.


'Absolutely. It has lived up to my expectations and more'.

Do you feel that your child is happy with me? (please explain).

'My daughter is very settled and happy. She is happy to go to Adele and is calm when collected and we have fewer disrupted nights than if she were to go elsewhere'.

'Yes Emma is very happy and comfortable with you. She also loves being with the other children'.

What could I do to make your child feel more secure and happy?

'I can't think of anything'.

'Keep things the same! She loves you just the way you are!'

Based on your experience, would you recommend my services to another parent?


'Yes, definitely'.


'Yes but then I'd have to share you more! No seriously, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to another parent'.


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